Pull your ex back

pull your ex back


When you are set on getting a second chance at a relationship, the first step is to pull your ex back in. There is no way other way to achieve your goal without first heightening interest. The way to start is by giving him/her some space. Space is really important when the relationship has just ended. Calling your ex constantly not only makes you look desperate but they do not want to hear what you have to say during this time. Also, you will probably be quite irrational at this point. Along with that, time and space gives your ex the opportunity to miss you.


Once space is given another way to pull your ex back in is by making yourself more attractive. When they see that you are putting more effort into your appearance it gives off the impression that you are moving on and even displays that you may start dating again. Due to social networking, randomly running into each other or even mutual friends your ex will see that you are doing just fine which makes them want you back.


Thirdly, have fun. Nothing makes a man or woman want their ex back more than realizing that you have moved on with your life. Go out with your friends and have a good time. Doing this as well as not contacting your ex will make he or she wonder what you are up to and lead them to the conclusion that you are dating someone. This will then result in your ex contacting you. During this conversation you will be asked what you are up to. While talking to your ex be vague and avoid giving the impression that you want them back. Then cut the conversation short after a few minutes and tell your ex that if they would like to talk more give you a call next week.


With the advice above you will pull your ex back in and be a lot closer to getting that second chance. The way to do so is by moving on with life, giving them space and making them contact you first. This way you never come across as desperate or overbearing.


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